What are Dental Bridges? – The Buy Me Blog

atives to dentures. Dental bridges are one such choice. What are they exactly? In this video, you are going to learn about what dental bridges are and how you can think about using them as fake teeth.

Dental bridges offer a less extreme alternative to fake dentures or teeth. The dental bridge is the process of fixing a false tooth onto two adjoining teeth. This is where “bridging” takes its name as the fake tooth fills in the gaps between adjacent teeth. Depending on how many missing teeth you’ve got as well as where they’re located there could be a good alternative. The procedure is effective as it is there are at minimum two healthy teeth to the opposite side of the gap. You will have to talk with your dentist in order to be sure that this procedure is appropriate for you. Dental cement can be used to repair bridges. They are not removable. A bridge is usually invisible to the naked eye. It appears like a trifecta or regular teeth. They will have to be brushed and flossed just as normal.


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