Tips For Troubleshooting Your HVAC – NYC Independent Press

It’s frustrating being constantly calling for a technician to come to solve the problem for you, too. This video shows how a technician handles frequent heating issues in commercial settings. Be aware that even though he is a professional however, you might be able duplicate some of these work-related tasks on your own for a straightforward DIY solution.

The first issue he faces is the possibility of a leak within a coil, making the coil unflat. To address the issue He isolates just one part of coil. Be careful of the copper tubing because it’s fragile and is not as safe as the other tubing for the device. After that, the technician crimps and sweats the tubing in order find and fix the leaky one.

He then went ahead and removed the potentially offensive tubes of their connection to the main system, so that they can be examined. He decided to seal off two, just to be on the safe and secure.

Then, he was able to wrap up his work, and was able to solve the HVAC issue. s8zpvpclw4.

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