The Different Types of Braces – Metro Dental Care

When it comes to straightening teeth, there are many different types of braces that are employed. There are a variety of braces, each with its benefits and drawbacks. This article will review a few braces in this article.

Metal braces are the very first kind we’re going be discussing. This is the most common kind of braces. Braces are constructed by small, slender brackets of iron that are secured to your teeth. The wire is inserted into all of the brackets. This creates the alignment of your teeth. The benefit of these braces is the fact that they can be purchased braces in various colors. Important to remember that braces made of metal stay in place for the duration of process.

Another kind of brace is the Invisalign. Invisalign is an invisible set of aligners that are replaced every several weeks. Your orthodontist will send you an aligner set, and after a certain time, the teeth begin to shift. Invisalign can be removed and replaced with metal braces. The typical procedure is to just remove the aligners for eating. One benefit to Invisalign is that they aren’t able to be able to see them like metal braces.


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