Stand Up Paddle Board Basics – Exercise Tips For Women

Addleboards are a great way to have endless hours of entertainment while burning off all those calories. It’s very it’s easy to lose track of how that you’re exercising. Imagine you are paddling through a stunning scene. Perhaps it’s a serene lakeor there is a breathtaking beachfront. Regardless of where you paddleboard get started, you will see why so many people enjoy the sport. In this video, you will learn the basics of stand up paddleboard.

First, make sure that the paddle you are employing is the proper dimension. Set the paddle horizontally on the ground , and keep your upper body above your head. If your arm appears to be fully extended, yet slightly bent, that is approximately the right dimension paddle for you. This paddle could be used as balance aid to get on the board. Sit on your feet, and slowly raise one foot. In order to get started, you must begin paddling towards the end of the paddleboard opposite to the side you want to turn towards. To turn, it’s best to sit slightly closer to the back of the paddleboard to ensure that the front of the board lifts a little. It makes turning easier. If you’ve learned the basics of how to paddleboard, you need to get out and get to it and practice. It will take you no time to become proficient!


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