Man Gets Revenge on Scammers In The Most Unusual Way Todays Entertainment News

Recently, he made an awesome video, which elevates the idea up to new levels. Scam centers that are organized have long been a problem for older people across all over the world. Although committing fraud at this scale likely results in felony charges in India however, the law enforcement is plagued by people who are the scammers’ informants. This makes them difficult to track down and investigate. Mark Rober thought it was an appropriate time to tackle the situation into his highly capable hands. In this video you’ll see how he took revenge in a very unique way.

Rober devised a number of clever pranks to fool fraudsters. One consists of a water bottle that emits an unpleasant aroma when it’s the bottle is opened. The disguise of the bottle makes it difficult to determine which is the source. The scent can quickly spread throughout a whole room. Rober had people inside him take water bottles and sneak them into the room. The fraudsters were in for the most unexpected experience. They may reconsider defrauding older people of their savings.


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