Lidar Technology and the Future of Transportation – Car Talk Credits

What is it and how can it be used? The YouTube channel The FinanceValueGuy provides an explanation of what lidar technology companies are using to improve the world of driving.

Lidar is an abbreviation of “Light Detection and Ranging.” It’s integrated with autonomous vehicle. Lidar functions similarly as GPS. It assists users in locating their exact location on Earth’s surface. By using pulsing lasers, lidar creates an accurate 3D map of the surrounding area.

The market for competitive products is fierce. In the millions of dollars, the autonomous industry is constantly improving lidar systems in order to provide better products to consumers. Seniors and disabled and travellers on a business trip, will benefit tremendously from vehicles that self-drive.

Lidar technology has improved quite a bit. Initially, lidar could only detect distances of up to 60 metres. Currently, lidar can detect distances as high as 200 metres and longer wavelengths. Autonomous vehicles are expected to be capable of determining the speed of objects and even map them with the aid in the form of 4D lidar. The makers of lidar are hoping to make this technology accessible by using the use of solid-state lidar and A.I. software. Lidar can improve our driving experience. k11bb23zfa.

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