How to Care for Your Braces – Dental Hygiene Association

There is a need to understand how to clean braces that are traditional in order to begin your journey.

It will be provided with specific instructions from your dentist as well as their team about how to manage your teeth and braces. It’s a good idea to prepare in advance.

This video will help you understand how to maintain braces and your teeth at home. Brushing your braces might be confusing the first few times you attempt it. Braces must be considered three-dimensional objects. It is important to ensure that you clean each surface.

Flossing is a challenge for those wearing traditional braces. Your orthodontist or an assistant is expected to provide the tools you need to assist. This video will explain how to use these devices to close the spaces between the teeth.

Make sure to steer clear of food items your dentist advises you to steer clear of. Foods that are extremely hard or sticky could cause damage to braces and raise the risk of tooth decay. vo5eydrwhl.

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