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The following article will explain information you did not know about roof installations and roof installation from Tom Silva, the General contractor on the Ask This Old House Video.

The roof must be prepared prior to the roof’s installation. Make sure you are supported by lines that are attached to the ridge and stage-ins with safety rails. This will help stop you falling, and prevent you falling into the statistics that claims a third person dies falling off the roof.

Install your roof by putting it on the edge using an aluminum drip edge of approximately 8 inches. The aluminum is equipped with a kicker that will guide the water droplets away from running over the fascia boards and cause it to begin to decay over the course of time. The distance between the kicker’s surface and the fascia board could be as little as less than a half inch.

Install the aluminum drip edge around all sides and the gable edges using 1 1/4” galvanized roofing nails. If your building will be non-heated, it won’t have a self ceiling. In such a scenario, a 30-pound paper that covers the entire roof could be utilized. It is a sort of relief between the roof sheath, as well as the roof’s underside shingles. It can absorb moisture as it accumulates to avoid tampering with the roofing sheath.

The most common 3-tab shingle size is 36″ in width and 12 inches in height. The shingle has sections made from tar and is heated through the heat of the sun. Tar sticks to the tabs on the shingle as it heats and keeps it from blowing away.

For ensuring that the shingles have been placed correctly, mark horizontal lines that are 5 feet away (exposure) as well as 6 feet apart (6 horizontal lines). The shingles need to be placed at least 6 inches from each other. Beginning at the edge, leave an overlapping allowance of half a centimeter for the surface tension. Make sure that you nail all of your shingles over the roof until the ridge. At the ridge place cut pieces that are well-cut to be overlapping on either side of your roof. sigq8qopsw.

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