Comparing Web Design and Web Development – Whart Design

Web design or ent If you’re wondering what the differences between these two areas are. This video by UI designer Jesse Showalter helps to break into the distinct aspects between the two different roles.

Web designers design designs and layouts for websites. Each element of a web site, from the fonts to the colors, are selected by the designer. The designer develops a concept and code the website for it to be a reality. Designers typically create sites, but they could alter existing websites.

Web developers can also design websites, however their primary role is to manage the site’s content. Certain developers concentrate on the front-end of the site, which comprises the main part of the site that visitors are able to see. Some developers focus more on the back end of this site, including its structure and code as well the access points.

Both are rewarding careers that have a variety of opportunities. If you’re looking to pursue the IT career, all of these options merit consideration. In the event that you choose to pursue the career of a designer, developer, or in a different field looking into these positions can help you learn more about the way websites function.


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