Can Solar Panels Improve Crop Yields? – Economic Development Jobs

Learn more about Agrivoltaics. Agrivoltaics is something that you must consider if you’re interested in the idea of. Contact an electric farm service for further information.

Traditional and solar farms take up large amounts of space. Can both of them be created on the same plot of the land. Solar panels function as roofing that protects crops. Solar panels protect plants from the sun’s heat and hail. Some of you might think that less sunlight is not good for plants. However, plants have an upper limit of sunlight that they absorb. Anything that is beyond the limit can be hazardous. Certain types of plants like raspberries do better when they are in shade. This is especially the case in regions with hot temperatures, where yields under shade could even be more than in the free air. Further, these solar panels offer farmers a renewable energy sources to run their farms. They can also offer surplus energy to the local community. Agrivoltaics might be able profit from this powerful combo of solar panels as well as the crops.


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