A General Pricing Guide to Dumpster Rentals – Finance Training Topics


ation project producing a lot of trash, renting dumpster rentals is a critical step towards successfully completing the project. It is a crucial step in costing your project and may increase your project’s costs.
The price of renting a container will vary depending upon the quantity of debris and size of dumper rentals. Dumpster rentals cost anywhere from $200-$800. The size is the major factor that determines the rental cost. The cost of renting includes disposal of hazardous material and overloading of the container beyond the capacity that is recommended. Removal of overhead power lines may increase the price.
Cost of junk removal ranges between $150 to $400. The dumpster service may offer a fee for picking up large appliances or refrigerators per item. Take a look at the video below for more information on how to save money by including debris disposal costs in your project budget.

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