10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Company for Tree Services – Pruning Automation


In the soil, the root ball also gets removed. There’s a gap left by the stump, which could be significant depending on the dimensions of the stump. An individual homeowner could decide to establish a second tree within the area. This should be discussed with the tree removal service prior to any of the removal processes commences.
Can I move a tree on my property?

If you are planning to move the tree from one spot in your yard to another, those are important questions you should ask tree service companies. Although most trees can be moved, it’s not necessarily feasible. It is important to understand the kind of trees you would like to take down before you call any tree removal firm. Professional tree service companies will tell you the ideal season to get rid of trees. The best time to wait until all the leaves fall off of the tree before you move the trees. Moving trees can cause stress to their limbs, and it’s important to have a qualified professional examine the tree to ensure it can handle it.

They may suggest you plant the tree in an spot that has the same features as the area from which you are moving it. This includes having the tree in the same direction as the other one as well as receiving the same amount of sun throughout the day. Do not remove trees that aren’t fit enough.

Are You Certified Arborists?

When thinking about the best questions to ask tree companies in the first place, make sure to know their credentials. Look for arborists with special certificates or qualifications. An arborist is a specialist in tree care. Arborists are trained to look after trees. The credentials they might require include AED or CPR certification and powerline safety certificate, and climber safety certified. You should also seek an arborist with certification of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and has been certified for emergency ae


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