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P>Ice cubes have kept our drinks cold forever, or have they? Even though ice cubes are a must in our life, they were not ever available. In this post we’ll review the origins of Ice.

Francis Sun explains, that during the Mediterranean in the early 1700s, there was a plethora of ice that was collected from the alps. When this ice was collected it was stored in “ice houses” that stored the ice throughout the winter and would later be employed in summertime. It was the very first instance of society storing and collecting the ice.

In the future, we can see that by the 1850s special tools were made to extract ice. Technology needed to improve when ice was more popular.

Ice houses would become very popular in the ice trade. These buildings would hold large volumes of the ice. It was essential to find ways to chill the ice fast. We can see this in refrigerators being introduced.

It’s hard for us to envision how the world would look like without having easy access to Ice. The majority of people utilize it each throughout the day to keep their drinks cold, but it’s essential to keep certain foods cool , too. The next time you add ice to your drink take a moment to think about the story of the process that led to its creation.


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