Semi Truck Gets Flipped by Tornado – Entertainment News Today

A powerful vortex can spin shrapnel quickly at high speed. This shrapnel penetrates anything in its path. Combining wind with debris can be extremely hazardous. Large planks of wood can puncture buildings due to tornadoes. Repairs to roofing are usually required in addition to roofs being cut off. This video shows a vehicle falling victim to dangerous twisters.

Two individuals are inside a truck at the beginning of the video. Outside the truck is an intense storm. The tornado warning for southeast Pennsylvania is being issued. Radio is on. But, the warning could come too late for drivers. In the event that the winds increase the trees begin to be being blown away by the wind. At once, the wind becomes extremely violent as the tornado passes across. After the wires have been removed from their racks, flashes are visible on power lines. It then continues to shake vigorously. The truck is tilted dangerously to one side before eventually tipping over in a loud crash. It was fortunate that no one died in this incident and the storm moved on.


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