Remember to Forget the Tour Guide and Explore from the Heart

County rochester ny

Things to do in Rochester ny monroe county do not come few or far between. A city built for all seasons, Rochester county offers a great night life as well as culture to compliment the vast history and heritage that surrounds Rochester county. County Rochester NY resides along the vivacious Genesee River and is home to many prestigious landmarks like the Eastman Kodak Theatre, the famed Kodak Building, and other rich sites like Frederick Douglas’ burial site. Finding something to do in Rochester county is as easy as throwing a rock into the air and hitting ground. The only question you have to ask yourself is what do you want to do?

With Rochester county offering such a wide variety of activities in areas like music, theater, art, music, athletics, and renowned festivals throughout the region there will always be something to do. Throughout the summer is a great time for Rochester ny county because of the wide range of things happening around town. The summer months offer multiple community festivals, including a world famous Jazz festival, and scenic views to create the perfect setting for visitors and residents alike. Be prepared to do a lot when coming to Rochester county because of the overwhelming options available to you on a day to day basis. Try pinpointing one thing to do in Rochester county and you will most likely become a little more anxious to do three or four things all on the same day or night.

The best advice to give when planning a visit to Monroe County Rochester NY is to do loose planning on a specific event or weekend. The options available are going to depend on the season but Rochester county is never going to be a dull experience. In the winter great skiing, great food, and great performing arts box out the idea that winter is daunting and depressing and then the fall offers blasts of vibrant colors, fantastic farmer markets, and great atmosphere for the holidays. The truth is that Rochester county is a great place to spend a weekend with the family, regardless of season, and also a wonderful place to check out if you have yet to see the wonder of the Flour City.

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