Key Things to Know Before Paying for Golf Cart Rentals – Sports Radio Online

arts are a fun way to travel and can be used in more than just golf clubs. They are found on beaches, camps, horse and country clubs, airports, school campuses or retirement villages and many more. This video will outline some key tips to know prior to renting a cart. The most important thing to bear in mind is that if it’s not legal on the road in a normal vehicle, it’s probably illegal in golf cart rentals as well. Driving while impaired and driving without a license or speeding, and driving without possessing a driver’s permit are some of the instances. In reality, many states do not will require that a cart driver possess a driver’s license, but most have an age limit, usually higher than 13.

To ensure safety To ensure safety, the rental firm will generally outline the guidelines for all drivers. These rules can be modified or removed in order to allow the use of private property. In such a case, the owner may decide the regulations. When golf carts will be utilized in an area that is not connected to the rental firm renting them, they have the obligation of making sure that there are no violations of law at the location. hsdlkn7awy.

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