Infant Cake Smashes Are Incredible! – My Maternity Photography

They are still learning about they are still a bit naive to. Photographers of newborns try to record the excitement and exploration through images. In this video, you’ll see a new trend that is astonishingly adorable.

Babies are fascinated by experience and play with new objects. They especially like cake. Thus, why not combine the two? Cake smashes are a new method of giving babies the chance to enjoy a small cake with. The usual outcome is that the baby touching the cake before smashing it, grabbing handfuls at a time to eat. What is the need for an instrument? They make hilarious images of children covered in cake faces. They are happy and smiling.

This video shows the baby snatching some or the blue frosting part of the cake. The child then rubs the frosting with his hands. He grabs a bigger amount of frosting, and rubs it on the ground. A little later then, he picks up a handful of frosting at a time. The smile and laughter says the world in a million words. After that, he begins to taste the cake and is ecstatic. Take a look at the remaining video to find out the next steps.


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