How Wrecked and Near-Totaled Cars are Repaired at an Auto Collision Shop – Daves Auto Glass Repair

NY will typically send an official to look into the extent of the damage. If they decide that the vehicle is a total loss, then they’ll begin the process of getting your vehicle to the highway with an alternative. But what if one’s car may be damaged but could still be driven? If that is the case you might consider going to an auto collision repair workshop. For more information, see the video below.

Auto collision shops can repair cars damaged in accidents, as well as those involved in wrecks. This type of repair is done in a short time and can be much less expensive as compared to other repairs.

The technician first evaluates the extent of damage, taking photographs of the vehicle from various perspectives, before taking off parts like bumpers and fenders from their places of attachment before sending them to repair. They can then be painted by a professional or replaced completely based upon the degree of the work needed. Get in touch with your local home office for further details!


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