How to Stay Healthy in Autumn – Greg’s Health Journal

Garlic can be used to increase our immunity in the autumn due to its allicin which is an antibacterial an antiviral and antifungal property.

It is important to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables as you consider how the fall season can be beneficial to your health. The most appealing thing about strawberries being considered to be a summer-time fruit is that they can be a great source of nutrition at the end of autumn. Alongside tomatoes, oranges and pumpkins there are plenty of tasty varieties available during this season So why not consider cutting up some blueberries or grapes for breakfast?

Another tip on how to be healthy during autumn is to consume meals that contain healthy fats. Omega three and monounsaturated fat acids (MUFAs) can be beneficial to the health of our hearts. It is important to eat higher amounts of healthy fats throughout the autumn. The nuts and seeds like almonds, peanuts, and Pistachios are among the top sources of MUFAs therefore, make sure to make them part of your food choices.

Healthy eating means reading labels carefully before you buy items. Make sure that all your foods meet special dietary or food allergy requirements.

Don’t Get enough Sleep

It is essential to get enough rest each evening to stay healthy this autumn. This can boost the immune system, decrease stress levels , and lessens chances of becoming diabetic or overweight later on in the course of. While we must be sleeping for at minimum 6-8 hours, even 12 hours of sleep can be more harmful than you thought. If you do ever need some time to rest, be sure not to go to bed for more than 30 minutes . Otherwise, you feel tired and sleepy in the morning.

It is possible to make some adjustments if you’re having trouble getting enough sleep each night. Try not to eat or exercise for two minutes of sleeping, and take care to get your sleep. l6xmqdelbj.

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