How to Ergonomically Set Up Your Desk – Life Cover Guide

Office furniture designed ergonomically for us to use can make a big difference in our effectiveness, efficiency, and even our health. There are many ways to make your furniture more comfortable. In this instructional video, you will get advice from an expert in ergonomics about the best way to set up your desk in order to increase the efficiency of your workplace.

Ergonomics are beneficial as it helps prevent the development of pain in the body. A majority of furniture has been designed to ensure it is accessible to everyone, no matter their physique size or shape is able to use it. Ergonomics can help you adapt it to your particular size and shape. Your chair should be at a height that allows your elbows to bend 90 degrees. Your monitor should be arm’s length away and the top of it should be at your eye level. When you move your mouse, make sure you move it with your elbow and not your shoulder. This video will explain everything you should know. n9a62krn1d.

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