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The possibilities are endless for a fully-fledged dwelling.

This is where you meet with different architects and designers. The discovery phase is when you come up with ideas on how to remodel your home as well as how much it could cost. The time frame for this stage could range from a few weeks to more than a month, contingent on the number of people you speak to and your ideas.


Once you’ve decided on what your remodel will look like it is called the designing phase. It will change over time as a result of many variables that will be discussed more in depth. However, it is probable that you’ll need 6-8 weeks. This will depend on how big the renovation.

Prep and construction

Prep involves getting the prerequisite permits and the necessary materials. It can be a lengthy process , depending on where you live. The permitting process can be anywhere between four weeks as long as six months.

The process of construction also depends on the dimensions, however it can take as long as a year to build larger houses.

Get started looking for contractors to assist you in your journey.


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