A County For A Forever Life

County rochester ny

If ever given the wonderful option of choosing where to raise a family, you must take full advantage of the opportunity. It is important to search and search for the best city and county, because this could affect so many aspects of your families life in the future. There are places that offer parts that could complete your beautiful puzzle of life that you had always imagined and longed for growing up.

There are places like Monroe County Rochester NY, that will provide the pieces you have always dreamed of using to complete your family and or life in general. If you are looking for an array of towns and villages to choose to live in, then Rochester county is the place to look! There is nearly 30 different town and villages to choose from, in which have said to all have their own unique perks and goodness.

If raising a family, it is also important to choose a place with good schools for your children to attend. It is also important to think about what type of schooling that you would like for your children to endure. Rochester NY county is actually dominated by public schooling, sprinkled in with many catholic schools, who both provide a solid educational beginning for the children in the area.

But when the future comes along, after the long 12 years of elementary, middle school, and high school grades, it will then become time to attend college. The good thing about Monroe County Rochester NY for the college years, is that it has its own community college, which happens to be ranked among the best of its kind. It is said to be a productive and financially efficient college for your child to attend for two years, then make their way to a 4 year school.

This is also another perk to living in the Rochester NY Monroe County area, because not only does it possess that two year community college, a student can also stay locally if they would like to save money, or for the simple fact that they like to be around their family. This is because in the Monroe County Rochester NY area, is a couple colleges such as a Brockport, RIT, or for the ultimate student pursuing that medical career, they can attend the University of Rochester. All good places to receive a degree from.

Another key thing when looking into colleges in the Monroe County Rochester NY area is the fact that we are so close to so many SUNY schools that happen to not be more than an hour to two hours away. A couple examples… Buffalo State, The University of Buffalo, Fredionia, Geneseo, etc.

And for a little fun fact and side note! The Monroe County Rochester NY area is also known and praised for their classic Garbage Plate. Originated by Nick Tahous back in the day, but still around and innovated by almost all 30 towns within the area, the residents still love it.

So if your sitting there and the school and location talk is beginning to hurt your head, go grab a Grarbage Plate at the local burger shop… and you might just fall in love with the area, or at least your taste buds will. That is what the locals claim!

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