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Aquapel Window Treatments


An easy way to prevent build up of soap scum on your shower glass door is to apply Aquapel glass treatment. The windows on your house can also be treated with Aquapel if they are collecting condensation, ice or frost. You probably really should replace those old windows with new ones first though. The double pane glass windows are best. The new low emissivity glass is already treated with a special coating to reduce radiant heat transfer. A homeowner can recoup about 71 percent of their window replacement costs through the money they will save on energy expenditures every month. Just replacing one old window with one of the new Rochester windows can save a homeowner about $400 a year on their heating and cooling bills. Window tinting rochester ny also helps to save money on energy bills.

Aquapel is a product that is on the market that is like Rain X, only it is longer lasting. You can put Aquapel on car windows, residential windows, commercial windows and any kind of glass that is going to get wet. Homeowners can find Aquapel products and companies that apply them professionally by searching for them online. Don’t forget to ask for free auto and residential window quotes when you call about energy savings and window coatings today.